The Culture of Cafés Worldwide

By Radu Balas November 30, 20203

France - Café de Flore


This café is a hub for intellectuals and artists, reflecting the French café culture of socializing and relaxation.

Italy - Caffè Florian


Italy's historic café culture is about enjoying espresso while standing at the bar, discussing life and politics

Australia - Local Cafés


Australian cafés focus on high-quality coffee and fresh, local produce, reflecting a laid-back lifestyle.

Japan - Manga Cafés


Unique to Japan, these cafés offer a space to read manga with a hot drink in hand.

Turkey - Traditional Tea Houses


In Turkey, coffee houses evolved into tea houses, social spaces serving traditional Turkish tea.

Vienna - Coffee Houses


Viennese coffee houses are places of leisure, where patrons linger over newspapers, pastries, and coffee.

Ethiopia - Birthplace of Coffee


Ethiopian coffee houses host traditional coffee ceremonies, celebrating the origin of coffee.

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