Effects of Alcohol on Diet

By Radu Balas

1. What is Alcohol?

Alcohol is a psychoactive substance found in beverages like beer, wine, and spirits. It can affect your diet in various ways.

2. Calories in Alcohol

Alcohol is calorie-dense. A standard drink can contain as many calories as a small meal.

3. Alcohol and Appetite

Alcohol can initially stimulate your appetite, but it often leads to overeating and poor food choices later.

4. Alcohol Impact on Food Choices

Under the influence, you might make less healthy food choices, opting for greasy or high-calorie options.

5. Alcohol & Nutrient Absorption

Alcohol can interfere with nutrient absorption, potentially leading to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

6. Moderation and Healthy Choice

Moderation is key. Make mindful choices while drinking and opt for healthier food options when you indulge.

In conclusion, be aware of how alcohol can affect your diet. Enjoy it responsibly and maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

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