7 Zinc-Rich Vegetarian Foods

By Radu Balas December 8, 2023

Why Zinc is Important

Zinc boosts immunity, aids wound healing, and supports overall health. Essential for vegetarians!

1. Lentils

A powerhouse of nutrients. Just 1 cup provides about 2.5mg of zinc. Perfect in soups and salads!

2. Chickpeas

Chickpeas offer 2.5mg of zinc per cup. Great in hummus or as a salad topping!

3. Pumpkin Seeds

Snack on Pumpkin Seeds for a zinc boost. One ounce contains 2.2mg of zinc. Add them to your yogurt or salad!

4. Cashews

Not just tasty but also zinc-rich. One ounce provides 1.6mg of zinc. Perfect for snacking!

5. Quinoa

Quinoa offers 2mg of zinc per cup. A versatile base for any meal!

6. Mushrooms

1 cup provides about 1.4mg of zinc. Great in stir-fries or as a meat substitute!

7. Spinach

Packed with nutrients, including 1.4mg of zinc per cooked cup. Ideal for salads and smoothies!


Incorporate these zinc-rich foods into your vegetarian diet for optimal health and well-being!

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