7 Exotic Fruits You Need to Try at Least Once

By Radu Balas

Welcome to the fascinating world of exotic fruits! These unique and delectable treasures from around the globe are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

1. Dragon Fruit - A Vibrant Delight 

Dragon fruit – visually stunning, with sweet, white or pink flesh adorned by tiny black seeds. Whether as a snack or in a smoothie bowl, it brings a burst of color and flavor to your day!

2. Lychee - Nature's Candy

Savor lychee, nature's candy. Peel the rough exterior to reveal sweet, juicy fruit. Enjoy as a snack, in cocktails, or in fruit salads for a tropical twist."

3. Kiwano Melon - A Spiky Surprise 

Discover the spiky Kiwano melon. Cut its orange skin to find green flesh filled with seeds. Enjoy its sweet-tart taste in fruit salads or as a quirky cocktail garnish.

4. Rambutan - The Hairy Wonder

Meet the hairy wonder, rambutan. Peel to reveal a juicy, translucent fruit like lychee. Enjoy its sweet-tart flavor fresh or in tropical desserts and platters.

5. Starfruit - Taste the Stars

Savor starfruit's star-shaped slices, visually appealing and tangy. Enjoy as a snack, in salads for a unique twist, or as a garnish for exotic dishes.

6. Cherimoya - The Tropical Custard Apple

Cherimoya, the 'Tropical Custard Apple,' is a tropical delight with sweet, custard-like flesh. Slice it open to enjoy this unique and satisfying treat.

6. Durian - The King of Fruits

Known as the 'King of Fruits,' the durian is famous for its pungent aroma and rich, custard-like flesh. It's a must-try for adventurous foodies!

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