7 Dairy Product With more than eggs

By Radu Balas

Packing around 17g of protein per 170g serving, Greek Yogurt offers a protein punch that surpasses an egg's 6g.

greek yogurt

Not just low in fat, but high in protein too! A half-cup serving of cottage cheese delivers about 14g of protein.

Cottage Cheese

Who knew? One slice of Swiss cheese packs over 8g of protein, more than an egg!

Swiss Cheese

A household staple, one cup of milk provides around 8g of protein.


A versatile addition to your meals, a half-cup serving of Ricotta cheese has 14g of protein.

Ricotta Cheese

Regarded as one of the highest protein cheeses, Parmesan packs about 10g of protein per ounce.

Parmesan Cheese

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