7 Calcium Rich Foods For a healthy body


A classic source of calcium, a cup of milk can provide about 300mg of this essential mineral.


Cheese, especially Parmesan, is another dairy product that's high in calcium. Just an ounce can give you 331mg of calcium.


Besides being a good source of probiotics, yogurt is also rich in calcium. A cup of plain yogurt has approximately 300mg of calcium.


Sardines are a great source of calcium. A can of sardines can provide up to 351mg of calcium.


Spinach, a green leafy vegetable, is a good source of both iron and calcium, offering about 245mg of calcium per cooked cup.


Made from soy milk, tofu is surprisingly high in calcium. Half a cup of tofu can provide about 434mg of calcium.


Not just for protein, almonds are also rich in calcium. A cup of whole almonds offers around 385mg of calcium.


Incorporate these calcium-rich foods into your diet for stronger bones and teeth. Your body will thank you!

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