By Radu Balas

6 Best Ways to Use Leftover Rice

1. Fried Rice

Fried Rice. Sauté with veggies, a protein of your choice, soy sauce, and a scrambled egg. It's a quick, nutritious meal that's customizable to your taste

2. Rice Pudding

Mix your rice with milk, sugar, and vanilla, then simmer until thick. Add cinnamon or raisins for an extra flavor boost.

3. Rice Fritters

Rice Fritters are a crispy, delicious snack. Combine rice with cheese, herbs, and an egg, then shape into patties and fry until golden.

4. Stuffed Peppers

Fill bell peppers with a mix of rice, ground meat or beans, spices, and cheese, then bake until tender. It's a flavorful and satisfying dish

5. Rice Salad

Toss your leftover rice with fresh vegetables, a tangy dressing, and herbs. It's a versatile dish that's great for picnics or as a side

6. Rice Pancakes

Mix rice with flour, milk, and an egg, then cook on a griddle. Serve with syrup or your favorite toppings for a delightful twist

Rice is incredibly versatile 

These six recipes showcase just how easily leftover rice can be turned into exciting new meals.