15 Best Healthy Cookie Recipes To Satisfy Your Cravings

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Do you want to indulge in a delicious treat without compromising your healthy lifestyle? Then, you’ve come to the right place! We are thrilled to present these amazing healthy cookie recipes. Whether it’s for breakfast or an afternoon snack, enjoy a lightly sweet indulgence that won’t cause guilt. 

Not only do our cookies contain superfood ingredients like cranberries and honey, but they also make for an easy prep time! With no baking required and minimal ingredients needed, escaping into another kitchen culinary adventure has never been easier. 

So get ready – let’s make some delicious (and nutritious!) homemade cookies!

Best Healthy Cookies Recipes To Satisfy Your Cravings

Give yourself permission to indulge in these delicious recipes knowing that each bite comes with beneficial ingredients like natural sweeteners and low glycemic index (GI) flours. So snap on your favorite apron, preheat the oven, and let’s get baking!

1. Classic (healthier) Chocolate Chip cookies (low calorie)

healthy cookie recipes
PHOTO CREDIT: www.yourmodernfamily.com

In today’s health-conscious age, we all want to indulge ourselves without having to worry about the calories. And who wouldn’t have a craving for cookies? That’s why I searched for some healthy cookie recipes, and stumbled upon one that seriously caught my eye: the Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies by Your Modern Family. 

The combination of oats and dark chocolate makes it the perfect treat for any time of day, without having to worry about cutting back on the indulgences. Plus, the fact that it’s gluten-free and dairy-free makes it even more appealing to anyone with dietary restrictions. It’s the perfect recipe for those who want to enjoy their cookies without sacrificing their health.

2. Real Food Snickerdoodles

Image with Real Food Snickerdoodles.
PHOTO CREDIT: www.100daysofrealfood.com

Everyone loves a good cookie, but it can be hard to find a recipe that is both delicious and healthy. Luckily, this whole-wheat snickerdoodle recipe from the blog 100 Days of Real Food fits the bill. Made with real, whole ingredients and no artificial flavors or colors, these cookies are a guilt-free treat that your taste buds will love. 

The wholesome texture of the whole-wheat flour, combined with the cinnamon-sugar coating, creates a mouth-watering combination that will leave you wanting more. So if you’re looking to indulge in a sweet treat without straying from your healthy eating goals, look no further than these delightful snickerdoodles.

3. Thick and Soft Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

healthy cookie recipes
PHOTO CREDIT: www.averiecooks.com

Indulging in a sweet treat doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. That’s where healthy cookie recipes come in handy. One recipe you won’t want to miss is the thick and soft chocolate peanut butter cookies from Averie Cooks. 

These cookies are the perfect blend of peanut butter and chocolate flavors, all while being soft and fluffy on the inside. And the best part? They are made with healthier ingredients like almond flour and coconut sugar. So go ahead and satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt by whipping up these delicious and nutritious cookies.

4. Grain Free Chai Spiced Cookies

easy healthy cookie recipes
PHOTO CREDIT: www.texanerin.com

Cookie lovers, be ready to indulge in a healthier version of a classic favorite. Get your apron on and head to the kitchen because we are about to bake up some cozy and aromatic Chai Spiced Cookies! This delectable treat is perfect for those who want to indulge in sweets without feeling the guilt. 

With healthy cookie recipes becoming more popular, this recipe will not only be kinder to your waistline, but it will also tantalize your taste buds with the warm and fragrant spices of chai. These cookies are perfect for snacking on during chilly afternoons or pairing with a cup of tea on a rainy day. Give yourself a break and try baking these Chai Spiced Cookies, you won’t regret it!

5. Hello Dolly Bars

Image with Hello Dolly Bars.
PHOTO CREDIT: knowgluten.me

Elevate your baking game with healthy cookie recipes that not only excite your tastebuds but keep you within your dietary restrictions. One such recipe is the delicious gluten-free and nut-free Hello Dolly Bars that will have you reaching for another bite. These bars pack a powerful flavour punch with shredded coconut and semi-sweet chocolate chips that are perfectly balanced with the soft, gooey texture. 

Not only are they a healthier alternative, but they also offer a guilt-free indulgence that will leave you feeling satisfied. Get ready to impress your friends and family with these Hello Dolly Bars that are bound to become a new favourite in your dessert rotation.

6. Pumpkin Cocoa Oatmeal Bites

best healthy cookie recipes
PHOTO CREDIT: www.realfoodsimple.com

Are you tired of feeling guilty after indulging in sugary, processed cookies? Look no further than these delicious and nutritious pumpkin cocoa oatmeal bites from Real Food Simple. Packed with wholesome ingredients like oats, almond butter, and pumpkin puree, these healthy cookies are also gluten-free and vegan. 

But don’t let that fool you into thinking they lack in flavor. The addition of cocoa powder and a touch of maple syrup make these bites the perfect guilt-free treat for any time of day. So go ahead and indulge without hesitation with this delicious recipe!

7. Homemade Almond Roca

healthy cookies
PHOTO CREDIT: www.chef-in-training.com

If you’re a fan of sweet treats, but also want to make more health-conscious choices, look no further than these homemade almond roca cookies. Unlike traditional desserts that are packed with processed sugar and unhealthy fats, these cookies rely on natural ingredients (including almond flour and coconut sugar) to create a delicious and nutritious snack. 

So whether you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up with your coffee or a dessert to share with friends and family, these healthy cookies are the perfect choice. Give them a try and taste the difference for yourself!

8. Cinnamon and Toffee Oatmeal Chewies

Image with Cinnamon and Toffee Oatmeal Chewies.
PHOTO CREDIT: realhousemoms.com

If you’re looking for a healthy cookie option that won’t leave you feeling guilty, look no further than these cinnamon toffee oatmeal chewies from Real House Moms. These delicious treats are packed with nutritious ingredients, including oats for fiber, coconut oil for healthy fats, and almond flour for protein. 

And the best part? They still taste amazing, with the decadent addition of toffee and cinnamon spices. These cookies are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth while still sticking to your healthy eating goals.

9. Low Fat Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Image with Low Fat Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.
PHOTO CREDIT: juliasalbum.com

Healthy cookies might seem like an oxymoron, but this recipe for banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies is proof that it’s possible! These delicious treats are made with simple, wholesome ingredients like ripe bananas, rolled oats, and dark chocolate chips. Not only are they lower in calories and fat than traditional cookies, but they’re also packed with fiber and nutrients. 

Whether you’re looking for a guilt-free snack or a way to satisfy your sweet tooth without derailing your healthy eating goals, these banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are sure to be a hit. So go ahead, indulge a little – your taste buds (and your body) will thank you!

10. Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites

Image with Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites.
PHOTO CREDIT: pinchofyum.com

Do you have a sweet tooth but also have a goal to eat healthier? Look no further than these Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites from Pinch of Yum. These snacks are the perfect solution for anyone looking for a healthy cookie alternative. These bites are made with coconut flakes and almond flour for a gluten-free option and sweetened with honey for a natural touch. 

In addition, dark chocolate is known to have antioxidant benefits. Plus, they’re so quick and easy to make, you won’t have any excuse not to try them. So indulge in a little sweet treat without the guilt with these healthy Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites.

11. Lemon-Pistachio Wreaths

healthy cookies
PHOTO CREDIT: www.marthastewart.com

If you’re like most people, the holiday season is probably a time when you indulge in all sorts of sweet treats and baked goods. But if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to help satisfy your sweet tooth, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of delicious options out there. 

One example is these lemon pistachio wreaths from Martha Stewart. Made with wholesome ingredients like almond flour, Greek yogurt, and coconut sugar, these cookies are packed with flavor and nutrition. Plus, their festive wreath shape makes them perfect for serving at holiday gatherings or giving as gifts. So why not give these healthy cookies a try this season and see for yourself how tasty and satisfying they can be?

12. Cookie Dough Truffles

Image with Cookie Dough Truffles.
PHOTO CREDIT: www.thankyourbody.com

Satisfying your sweet tooth can be a challenge when you’re trying to limit your sugar intake. Fortunately, the low sugar cookies recipe from Thank Your Body can help you indulge without overdoing it. And if you’re looking for an even more decadent treat, why not try making cookie dough truffles? These bite-sized delights take the classic cookie dough flavor and wrap it up in a silky smooth chocolate coating. 

The best part? They’re made with wholesome ingredients like almond flour and coconut oil, so you can feel good about enjoying every delicious bite. Whether you’re looking for a special dessert for a holiday gathering or just want a sweet treat to enjoy on a cozy winter evening, cookie dough truffles are sure to be a hit.

13. Almond Joy Oatmeal Cookies

Image with Almond Joy Oatmeal Cookies.
PHOTO CREDIT: amyshealthybaking.com

Have you ever craved the delicious taste of an Almond Joy candy bar, but wanted something a bit more substantial than a sweet treat? Amy’s Healthy Baking has the perfect recipe for you: Almond Joy Oatmeal Cookies. Bursting with coconut and chocolate chips, these cookies also pack a healthy punch with the addition of whole wheat flour and oats. 

Indulge in the satisfying taste of your favorite candy bar, guilt-free, with these irresistible cookies.

14. No Bake Coconut Delights

Image with No Bake Coconut Delights.
PHOTO CREDIT: wholenewmom.com

Are you on the hunt for a delicious treat that won’t ruin your healthy eating habits? Look no further than these no-bake coconut delights! Completely free of sugar, dairy, eggs, and grains, these bites satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your dietary goals. 

Made with coconut oil, shredded coconut, and almond flour, you’ll feel good about indulging in one (or a few!) of these little delights. Plus, the fact that they don’t require an oven makes them a perfect option for a quick and easy dessert. Give them a try and see for yourself just how delicious healthy eating can be!

15. Quinoa Gingersnap Cookies

healthy cookie recipes
PHOTO CREDIT: www.eatingbirdfood.com

This recipe for quinoa gingersnap cookies is a game-changer for anyone looking for a healthier alternative to traditional holiday treats. Not only are these cookies vegan and gluten-free, but the addition of quinoa flour packs a nutritional punch that will leave you feeling satisfied, rather than sluggish. 

The combination of warm spices like ginger, cinnamon, and clove with the sweetness of molasses and coconut sugar makes for a deliciously chewy and flavorful cookie that your family and friends won’t even realize is healthy. So go ahead, indulge in a guilt-free holiday treat with these quinoa gingersnap cookies!

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