9+ Easy Waffle Desserts Recipes

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Waffles are beloved for their sweet flavor, unique texture, and easy preparation. Whether you need a quick snack to get your day started or an indulgent treat after dinner, waffle desserts never fail to hit the spot. But what if we told you that it’s possible to make delicious waffle creations in no time? 

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring some of the most delectable and effortless recipes for tantalizing waffle-based treats! After reading through our ideas for perfecting classic recipes as well as trying out daring new combinations, you’ll have plenty of inspiration for adding a bit of extra flair to your next dessert!

Easy Waffle Dessert Recipes

We have gathered up some of the best and most delectable easy-to-make waffle desserts recipes that are sure to please your taste buds.

1. Pumpkin Waffles with Cream Cheese Filling

waffle desserts
PHOTO CREDIT: wearychef.com

Are you ready for a breakfast that tastes like dessert? Look no further than these pumpkin waffles with cream cheese filling from Weary Chef. The fluffy waffles are infused with warm autumn spices and rich pumpkin puree, while the creamy filling adds a tangy, decadent twist. 

Topped with butter and maple syrup, these waffles are the perfect indulgent treat for mornings when you want to start your day on a sweet note. Who needs regular breakfast when you can have waffle desserts instead? Give these pumpkin waffles a try and you won’t be disappointed.

2. 5 Minute Cinnamon Sugar Waffle Bites

waffle desserts
PHOTO CREDIT: www.sugardishme.com

Indulging in desserts doesn’t always have to be a grand affair that takes hours to create. With a simple recipe like the 5-minute cinnamon sugar waffle bites from Sugar Dish Me, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with minimum effort. These crispy, bite-sized waffles dusted with cinnamon sugar take you on a deliciously satisfying journey with every crunch. 

Whether you’re in the mood for an after-dinner treat or a mid-day snack, these waffle desserts are the perfect solution. With just a handful of ingredients and a few minutes on the clock, you can whip up these yummies in no time!

3. Waffle Ice Cream sandwiches

waffle desserts
PHOTO CREDIT: www.letseatcake.com

Who doesn’t love a good ice cream sandwich? But have you ever tried one with waffles instead of cookies? The combination of warm, fluffy waffles with cold, creamy ice cream makes for the perfect summer dessert. 

At Let’s Eat Cake, they’ve compiled a list of the best waffle ice cream sandwiches that will have your taste buds screaming for more. From classic vanilla waffles with chocolate ice cream to more experimental flavors like blueberry waffles with lemon sorbet, there’s something for everyone. 

So why settle for a plain old ice cream sandwich when you can try one that’s even more delicious and unique?

4. White Chocolate waffle cake with blueberries

waffle desserts
PHOTO CREDIT: www.happyfoodstube.com

Waffles are widely known as a breakfast staple, but who says they can’t be a dessert too? That’s where this white chocolate waffle cake recipe comes in. Made with crispy waffles layered with fluffy white chocolate and cream cheese frosting, this dessert takes waffles to a whole new level. 

It’s a perfect treat for any occasion, whether you serve it after dinner or for your next brunch gathering. So the next time you’re craving a sweet treat, skip the traditional cake and give this waffle dessert a try..

5. Brownie Belgium Waffles a la Mode

waffle desserts
PHOTO CREDIT: www.aspicyperspective.com

If you’re a fan of desserts, then you’re definitely going to swoon over this delicious recipe for Brownie Belgium Waffles A La Mode. This mouthwatering treat takes breakfast to a whole new level with its unique combination of rich chocolate brownie batter, crispy waffle texture, and luscious ice cream topping. 

Not only does it satisfy your sweet tooth, but it also provides a warm and comforting sensation that’s perfect for any time of day. Whether you’re hosting a weekend brunch or simply treating yourself to a midday snack, you won’t be disappointed with this heavenly creation. Give it a try, and your taste buds will thank you!

6. Peanut Butter waffle and jelly ice cream sandwiches

waffle desserts
PHOTO CREDIT: inspiredbycharm.com

There’s something about waffle desserts that make them irresistible. And these peanut butter waffle and jelly ice cream sandwiches from Inspired by Charm are no exception. With their nostalgic flavors, they’re the perfect treat for anyone who loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

The crisp waffle texture pairs perfectly with the creamy ice cream filling, making for a deliciously satisfying dessert. Whether you’re looking for a fun party treat or a sweet indulgence, these ice cream sandwiches are sure to please. So grab a few friends and indulge in a little bit of nostalgia with these delicious waffle and jelly ice cream sandwiches.

7. Keto Chocolate waffles

waffle desserts at home
PHOTO CREDIT: www.ditchthecarbs.com

Have you ever craved a delicious dessert but didn’t want to compromise your healthy lifestyle? Look no further than these keto chocolate waffles! They are the perfect solution for satisfying your sweet tooth without sacrificing your low-carb diet. The rich and fluffy waffles are made with coconut flour, cocoa powder and keto-approved sweeteners, making them a guilt-free treat. 

Add your favorite toppings such as whipped cream, fresh berries or sugar-free syrup to take these waffle desserts to the next level. So indulge in these keto chocolate waffles and enjoy a sweet and satisfying dessert without any guilt!

8. Deep Dark Gingerbread Waffles

easy waffle desserts
PHOTO CREDIT: smittenkitchen.com

Who says waffles are just a breakfast treat? These Deep Dark Gingerbread Waffles from Smitten Kitchen can be enjoyed any time of day and make for the perfect dessert. The fluffy, crisp exterior pairs perfectly with the rich, spiced gingerbread flavor that will have your taste buds dancing. 

The recipe is easy to follow and the end result is truly irresistible. Top with whipped cream, a drizzle of caramel sauce, or even a scoop of ice cream for a decadent twist on the classic waffle. Trust us, these waffles are not to be missed.

9. Caramel Apple Waffles (Eggless Waffle Recipe)

Image with Caramel Apple Waffles Eggless Waffle Recipe.
PHOTO CREDIT: www.thebewitchinkitchen.com

This recipe for dessert waffles combines the tantalizing flavors of caramel and apple in a perfect partnership that is sure to delight your taste buds. With the perfect balance of sweetness and spice, these waffles are the ultimate treat for any occasion. 

And the best part? They are incredibly easy to make, so you can whip them up in no time for a delicious dessert option that is guaranteed to impress. So go ahead, give this recipe a try and enjoy the heavenly goodness of Caramel Apple Waffles!

10. The Ultimate Chocolate Belgian Waffle

recipe for dessert waffles
PHOTO CREDIT: www.thekitchenwhisperer.net

If you’re craving something sweet and indulgent, look no further than this ultimate chocolate Belgian waffle recipe. This isn’t just any ordinary waffle – it’s the perfect dessert waffle for any occasion. The deep chocolate flavor melds perfectly with the light and fluffy texture of the waffle. 

And with a simple yet decadent whipped cream and chocolate sauce topping, these waffles are an unforgettable treat. Whether you’re making these for a special brunch or just a weekend breakfast at home, these dessert waffles are sure to be a hit with every chocolate lover in your life.

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