8 Best BBQ Food Ideas For Large Groups

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Organizing a summer barbecue for your family, friends or neighbors can be hard if you’ve got a big group to feed. Everyone loves the classic hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, but if you’re expecting more than just a handful of people it’s nice to have some other BBQ food ideas ready in order to keep everyone full and happy! 

In this blog post, we’ll present some delicious recipes that are perfect for feeding large groups at any backyard gathering. From salads and sides to main dishes and desserts – there’s something here for all tastes! 

So don’t worry about your next event; read on for creative ways to serve up an amazing spread that will make sure no one ever leaves hungry.

Best BBQ Food Ideas For Large Groups

Are you in the mood for some mouth-watering barbecue dishes that will leave you drooling? Whether you’re grilling outdoors or cooking indoors, our list of recipes is perfect for any occasion. With a variety of dishes that include BBQ chicken, smoked brisket, grilled corn on the cob, and more, your taste buds are sure to be tantalized. 

While many of these recipes involve the use of a BBQ, we’ve included a few options for those who prefer to cook indoors. This will free up precious grilling space, making it a great option when catering for a large group of diners. With easy-to-follow directions and ingredients that can be found at your local grocery store, you can easily whip up these delectable dishes for your family and friends. 

So, get ready to barbecue with these delicious recipes that are sure to impress.

1. Cheeseburger Kebabs

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PHOTO CREDIT: www.thecookierookie.com

Looking for the perfect BBQ food ideas to impress your guests this summer? Look no further than these bacon cheeseburger kebabs from The Cookie Rookie. Juicy beef, crispy bacon, and melted cheese all on a stick – what’s not to love? Plus, the addition of fresh veggies like cherry tomatoes and onions give just the right amount of crunch and flavor. 

Not only are these kebabs delicious, but they’re also a fun twist on a classic burger that is sure to have your friends and family begging for the recipe. So fire up the grill and get ready to bring some serious flavor to your next cookout.

2. Honey Glazed Chicken Wings

Image with Honey Glazed Chicken Wings.
PHOTO CREDIT: www.jamieoliver.com

This dish is the perfect blend of sweetness and spice, with succulent wings coated with a sticky ginger and honey glaze that is sure to make your mouth water. Just picture the crispy skin and juicy meat, infused with ginger and other aromatic spices, sizzling away on the grill. 

Whether you’re hosting a summer BBQ or just looking for a tasty dinner treat, these chicken wings are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. So get your apron on, fire up the grill, and get ready to indulge in some seriously delicious food.

3. Mac ‘N’ Cheese

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PHOTO CREDIT: amazingribs.com

When it comes to barbecue food ideas, it’s hard to beat a classic mac and cheese recipe. This timeless dish is a comfort favorite for many, and it’s easy to see why. When done right, the combination of creamy cheese sauce and perfectly cooked pasta make for a deliciously indulgent meal. 

And the best part? This mac and cheese recipe from Amazing Ribs is sure to impress even the pickiest eaters at your next barbecue. With a blend of four cheeses and a crispy breadcrumb topping, this dish will be a crowd-pleaser every time. So fire up the grill, gather your friends and family, and enjoy the ultimate comfort food on a warm summer day.

4. Sweet & Sticky BBQ Salmon

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PHOTO CREDIT: www.allrecipes.com

If you’re on the hunt for delicious BBQ food ideas, look no further than sweet glazed salmon. With its juicy texture and irresistible flavor, this recipe is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your next summer cookout. The glaze is made from honey, Dijon mustard, soy sauce, and other seasonings that give the fish a perfect balance of sweet and savory notes. 

Plus, it’s a healthy option that is packed with omega-3’s and other essential nutrients. Whether you’re a seasoned BBQ master or a first-time griller, this dish is simple to make and will leave your taste buds wanting more.

5. BBQ Pork (Char Siu)

Image with BBQ Pork Char Siu.
PHOTO CREDIT: thewoksoflife.com

When it comes to BBQ food ideas, Chinese BBQ Pork, or Cha Siu, should definitely be on your list. This dish is known for its tender, succulent meat that is caramelized to perfection with a sticky and sweet glaze. Not only is it a staple in many homes throughout Asia, but it’s also an incredibly popular item in dim sum restaurants. 

The recipe for Chinese BBQ Pork may seem daunting at first, but with the right ingredients and some patience, you can recreate this savory and mouth-watering dish in the comfort of your own home. Whether you grill it outdoors or bake it in the oven, this Chinese BBQ Pork will definitely be a hit at your next cookout or dinner party.

6. BBQ Chicken Sandwich

BBQ Chicken Sandwich
PHOTO CREDIT: www.budgetbytes.com

BBQ chicken sandwiches are the perfect meal for a summer day, and when looking for bbq recipe ideas, you can’t go wrong with this tasty dish from Budget Bytes. Featuring tender chicken coated in a sweet and smoky BBQ sauce, this easy-to-make sandwich can be whipped up in just 30 minutes and is a crowd-pleaser that both kids and adults will love. 

Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or simply looking for a quick and delicious lunch, this recipe is sure to hit the spot. Try it out today and experience the mouthwatering flavors of homemade BBQ chicken sandwiches.

7. Fall Off the Bone Ribs

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PHOTO CREDIT: insanelygoodrecipes.com

If you want to impress your guests at your next cookout, give these “Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs” a try! This BBQ recipe is the perfect balance of sweet and savory, and the meat literally falls off the bone. With the arrival of fall, now is the perfect time to whip up a batch for your friends and family. 

Whether you’re hosting a big backyard barbecue or just cooking dinner for two, this recipe is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. So gather your ingredients and get ready to enjoy some finger-lickin’ ribs! Looking for more BBQ recipe ideas? Check out the link above for some delicious inspiration.

8. Grilled Pineapple Barbecue Chicken

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PHOTO CREDIT: www.slenderkitchen.com

Summer is the season for grilling, and what better way to get your barbecue fix than with some mouth-watering barbecue chicken glazed with sweet and tangy pineapple barbecue sauce? This grilled pineapple barbecue chicken recipe from Slender Kitchen is a must-try for anyone looking for new and exciting BBQ recipe ideas. 

Grilled to perfection, this dish is bursting with flavors that will impress even the pickiest eaters. The juicy pineapple adds a tropical twist to the classic BBQ chicken, making it the perfect dish for summer cookouts and gatherings. So fire up the grill and get ready to indulge in this irresistible delicacy.

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