Lentil Salad Recipe

Lentil Salad Recipe
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This nutritious Lentil Salad with cooked lentils and diced carrots, celery onion, bell pepper, lemon juice, and parsley is great to make ahead for lunch , as the flavors get better over the course of time.



Lentils: I suggest making use of either green, brown and French green lentils for this salad because they all have great taste and maintain their shape when cooked. (I made use of French green lentils for the pictures above.)

English cucumber: Also known as traditional or Persian cucumbers that are minced finely (also seeded and/or peeled, should you prefer).

Red onion: You are welcome to wash and then drain the red onion dices in running water if you want to reduce the onion’s tang a little. If you like a red onion as much as I do, simply include it in the salad!

Fresh mint: I love the fresh mint flavor in this salad that is delicious with the lemony bright dressing.

Sun-dried tomatoes: I love the flavorful tomato salads made with sun-dried tomatoes. However, if tomatoes happen to be in season you are welcome to substitute your favorite fresh tomatoes if you like.

Lemon dressing: I’ve made my most-loved salad dressing here, created by adding an extra splash of lemon juice. It’s easy to make using olive oil as well as lemon juice, Dijon garlic, salt as well as pepper.


  1. Combine your lentils into a pan along with three cups of water (or vegetable broth) and stir it all together. Then cook over medium-high heat until the broth is at an ideal temperature of simmer. Then lower the heat to medium, then cover the pot and keep it at a low simmer for as long as the lentils become tender, which can take between 20 and 25 minutes, based on the variety of lentils you are using. Make use of a strainer for draining and wash the lentils under cold water for one minute, until they’ve chilled and then set aside.

2. As the lentils are cooking, mix all the lemon dressing ingredients into a small bowl . Whisk until they are well-mixed.

3. Add the chilled and cooked lentils along with the red onion, cucumber and sun-dried tomatoes into an enormous bowl. Sprinkle evenly with lemon dressing, and mix until the ingredients are evenly mixed.

4. You can enjoy it right away, or keep it refrigerated in a tightly sealed container for 3-4 days.

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