Butter Chicken vs Tikka Masala: What Is The Differences?

Butter Chicken vs Tikka Masala

When you have just clicked on this article, then for sure, you must be a foodie or someone who is curious about “Kitchen”, of course!

Butter Chicken vs Tikka Masala, Is there really any major difference or are they almost the same?

Well, according to a survey, when asked to one lakh foodies all across the country, it is seen that 59 per cent have said, both of them are similar to taste when the rest 19 Perce are not confident about their answer and have chosen the ‘Did not Know’ option!

Well, when we speak of how both the dishes taste – both are too delicious! The highlights of both the items are their tomatoes and sauces, superbly blend with cream in them. Generally, it has been their appearances, which have kept their differences deep under the sea. Yes! You are right! These two are different dishes. How? Let us check out together.

What is Butter Chicken?

Butter Chicken vs Tikka Masala

In some Indian restaurants, Butter Chicken is also referred to as ‘Murgh Makkhan’. ‘Murgh’ means the chicken and ‘Makkhan’ described butter. Basically, chicken is cut into small pieces and marinated with different kinds of Indian spices.

It is said to have originated in Delhi and if you want to taste the real taste of this delicious dish, then you definitely need to visit any Delhi restaurant, for sure!

What is Tikka Masala?

Butter Chicken vs Tikka Masala : Key Differences

The major difference between Butter Chicken and Tikka Masala is that this dish includes roasted cubes of chicken in it. Interestingly, it is also said India. It is also seen that Western countries have also been searching for this team in current times.

Butter Chicken Vs Tikka Masala: Key Differences


Onion, pepper, tomato paste, garlic, cumin, turmeric, garam masala, butter, yoghurt and cream remain the same in both of the dishes.

However, many of you are unaware of the fact that both the dishes, Butter Chicken and Tikka Masala, differ from each other by the amount of these ingredients being used and the time of use of each and every ingredient.

Butter chicken is a bit biased towards tomatoes. The intensity of tomatoes is a little high for this dish, whereas, in the case of Tikka Masala, as it is cooked within tandoor, the use of tomatoes is a secondary option here.


Moreover, though they look almost similar when served to us, if one observes both the dishes carefully, then butter chicken has got a blend of tomatoes and spices primarily, whereas the latter one is served with onion sauce and tomato gravy.

Difference in the terms

Well, there is also a common myth that masala is just an English term for the Indian word ‘ curry’. But, let me tell you, it uses not. There is a basic difference between the two. Curry is generally termed to any dish which may contain a combination of different vegetables, fish, cheese, egg, spices, salt etc.

On the other hand, Masala is nothing but a well-blending of different spices used while cooking.

Nutritional Value

The next question may pop up within your brain! Well, now the question arises, is Butter Chicken really junk food? Yes, your mom is right. We can surely list Butter Chicken to Junk Food without a doubt. It is mainly due to the high amount of protein and fat it contains.

It is seen that about one hundred and fifty grams of butter chicken may contain thirty-five grams of total fat, twenty-one grams of saturated fat five hundred and thirty-nine calories and nineteen grams of protein.

There is no need to explain it more deeply. These numbers have spoken about its reach contents of fat and protein. Hence, it is very much apt to say that Butter Chicken is definitely a Fat-rich food item.

Doctors say, for a healthy person, it is very important to maintain the diet, restricting to twenty-two grams of calories from saturated fat, in a two thousand calorie-diet food.

Butter Chicken vs Tikka Masala Differences

On the other hand, is Chicken Tikka healthy for our diet? Well, it might be shocking to some, but the answer is yes! To some extent, it can be considered a healthy diet.

Chicken is nutritious and healthy with just about one hundred and thirty-six portions of calories. Hence, it makes this delicious dish an exciting option to him or her, who wants to maintain their health and also taste delicious, for sure.

Moreover, the ingredients of this dish are its highlights. It contains red chilly, garlic, cumin and ginger which definitely adds up benefits to anyone’s health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ.)

1. Is masala a curry?

Apparently, No. Curry is actually a generic term that is used in case of any dish cooked with different ingredients like vegetables, meat, egg, cottage cheese, seafood, spices, salt and all with many masalas.

On the other hand, masala means different kinds of spices. It is used mostly in Indian cuisine. From curries and lentil dishes to soups, masala is a must-needed ingredient.

So, masala is ultimately not a curry.

2. Is butter chicken a junk food; is it unhealthy?

Butter chicken is one of the most mouthwatering foods in Indian cuisine. But, the bitter truth is that this is actually on the list of junk food. Butter chicken has a high amount of fat and protein.

If you eat 140 gms of Butter Chicken, you will get 14 gm 438 calories, 28 gms of fat, 12 grams of saturated fat and 30 gms protein. So, it is definitely a high-fat meal choice. Besides, excessive saturated fat in the body is responsible for increasing blood cholesterol levels which causes heart diseases.

You should arrange your diet chart wisely. Try to keep 22 grams of saturated fat per day on a 2,000-calorie diet.

3. Is Chicken Tikka good for the diet?

Considering the nutritious sides, chicken tikka is good for health. This food is tasty and healthy at the same time which makes it popular with health-conscious people. It carries only about 136 calories which is an excellent option to add to your calorie-counting diet.

Chicken Tikka is also made with cumin, ginger, garlic, and red chilli. So, this is nothing but food with lots of wealth of benefits.

4. Could Indian food be so unhealthy? If yes, what are some of the meals?

I agree that Indian food is quite spicy and a bit unhealthy. Almost every curry is cooked with spice and hot, gravies, and fattening. So, it could be a threat to our health. You should avoid the following foods if you want to keep your health okay.

  • Medu Vada
  • Vada Pav
  • Parathas
  • Toast Butter
  • Sabudana Vada
  • Puri Bhaji
  • Misal Pav, etc.


Well, now the doubt about the key differences between Butter Chicken and Tikka Masala has been clarified. Hence, it is completely your choice, which one to choose. Personally, having Butter Chicken once on an occasion is good, but having it frequently may deteriorate your health.

Instead, you can have Chicken tikka if both of these dishes matter to you the most. As it is said, Health is Wealth!

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