20 Best Kitchen Gadgets Under $10 That Are Actually Worth

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If you say I’m somewhat of a collector of kitchen gadgets, I won’t deny it. In fact, I love to have all the tiny kitchen gadgets that are useful to sort all the kitchen woes. Many small tasks in the kitchen require those small tools. These gadgets are truly a difference-maker in the kitchen and bring fundamentally alter to cooking and kitchen tasks.

What are those essential gadgets? Well, there are more than a hundred models of different kitchenware and all of them do a wonderful job and save time tremendously. In today’s article, I have talked about 20 essential kitchenware that you will get for under $10. All of them are very user-friendly, essential in the kitchen and budget-friendly as well. Let’s get into the details.

1. Vegetable Peeler

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When you need to deal with any fruit or vegetable, just stop using a knife. A vegetable peeler is the best solution for this purpose. This is a small and simple product but acts amazingly when it’s time to peel off anything. Moreover, it is a budget-friendly option as well.

Compared to other kitsch tools, a vegetable peeler is quite cheap. But, it is an incredible item to make tasks easier. However, some renowned brands have expensive vegetable peelers which charge more than $5. But, you can find an effective, efficient, and surprisingly beautiful model under $5, as well. So, if you get a cheaper and more fruitful vegetable peeler, go for that rather expensive one.


2. Garlic Press

Image with Garlic Press.

Do you use garlic a lot in cooking? I’m not surprised at all. As garlic is an essential ingredient in cooking, you must use it almost every day. But, Crushing and chopping fresh garlic every day using your hand is a messy and time-consuming job. Here is the garlic press to ditch the mess.

The process is simple. Just place the garlic cloves inside the gadget, press it and you will get the crushed ready-to-cook garlic. You will easily find many garlic presses in the market of different brands with budget-friendly tags. Those are free to run through the dishwasher and don’t require much maintenance as well.


3. Mini Waffle Maker

Image with Mini Waffle Maker.

Handy appliances are always great for your kitchen. This compact and lightweight mini waffle maker is one of those kitchen kits. It’s a great hack tool to make so many yummy foods including paninis, hash brown, biscuits, waffles, etc.

This tiny waffle maker is a life-changing tool for all waffle lovers. Just put the waffle batter in and enjoy a warm and crispy waffle. It will cost only $10 which is worth the price very well.


4. Grater

Image with Grater.

I can’t say enough uses of a grater in your kitchen. Not only grating fresh cheese but there are also tons of uses for a grater in a kitchen. In fact, it is an insanely valuable kitchen product that allows you to do your kitchen jobs with great ease. So, keeping it in the kitchen cabinet is a must-to-do job.

This kitchen gadget carries a reasonable price tag. You can get a grater under $5 in any tools shop. There are indeed lots of models of box graters. But, buying them at a high price is nothing but ridiculous. No need to go for an expensive one. Just get a simple model that can be useful in the grating.


5. Lemon Squeezer

Image with Lemon Squeezer.

Here is another super-useful kitchen gadget. It’s a lemon squeezer. But, it’s not only a lemon squeezer. You can deal with any kind of fruit while making fresh juice. This little kitchen product is very useful to make the seeds and pulp aside from the fresh juice.

Well, there are lots of reliable squeezer models that you can buy for under $5. Though it is very cheap, you can make homemade lemonade or maybe your favorite cocktail using this tool.


6. Melon Baller

Image with Melon Baller 1.

Looking for a nifty and mess-free way to deal with the melon? Here is the Melon Baller. This tool is super-cool to enjoy a bowl of fruit salad without messiness.  Melon Baller is one of the cheapest ways to do garnishes for larger dishes without spending much money.

You will be happy to know that melon baller is not only fruit-cutting stuff. You can use it with cheese, ice cream, and other soft food items. It is too good to make perfectly balanced and round chunks of those yummy foods.


7. Ice Cream Scoop

Image with Ice Cream Scoop.

The ice cream scoop is the top-most useful thing for ice cream lovers. This small tool is an expert to make smooth ice cream balls. It has a release trigger that helps to do the job without messiness. It’s a budget-friendly option to enjoy ice cream balls.

In any case, if you have a sweet tooth and don’t have any option except to avoid ice cream, this tool can help you, as well. Just like the melon baller, you can use this gadget on any soft food to make perfectly shaped balls.


8. Dumpling Molds

Image with Dumpling Molds.

Dumpling is undoubtedly a delicious snack. But, making it with the perfect wrap is quite difficult, even for the experts. This super helpful dumpling mold kit is a great thing to make your job way easier. All you need to do is get all the ingredients, make some dough and use the kit to get dumplings of perfect and even shapes.

Not only dumplings, but you can also use this kit while making wontons, noodles and even pies. So, spending $5 is very worth it for this multipurpose kitchenware.


9. Apple Slicer

Image with Apple Slicer.

Do you love apples? It must be annoying to use the knife to slice the apple every time and also clean the seeds inside. It was a messy task until you got an apple slicer. Apple slicer is a super-effective, cheap and no-messy option to slice apples. It requires zero effects as well.

Though most people use this tool to slice apples, you can use it with any fruits and veggies to chop. This is a gadget that will come to your work more than a hundred times, I bet.


10. Noodle Maker

Image with Noodle Maker.

I know that there are lots of expensive and complicated noodle-making gadget options in the market. Along with them, you will get this simple and no-effect model of noodle maker. To enjoy fresh pasta and spaghetti, this tool is more useful than your imagination.

All you need is some dough and this tool. That’s it. This cheap kitchen gadget can make every night noodle night for you. Just get a bowl of fresh pasta and enjoy your time.


11. Silicone Baking Cups

Image with Silicone Baking Cups.

Do you love baking? If yes, you know better how important it is to get reusable baking cups. Paper baking cups are the cheapest option. But, you can’t use them more than one time. Reusable baking cups can be used many times. So you didn’t need to spend much money on paper cups.

Though reusable silicone baking cups are comparatively pricey than paper ones, it costs only one time and serves for a long time. So, that’s a good investment, indeed.


12. Egg Yolk Separator

Image with Egg Yolk Separator.

For baking or cooking purposes or isolating the yolk, you must separate the yolk from the white portion. Bt, you can’t do that without being messy with your bare hands. To cut down the hassle, here is the egg yolk separator.

The use of this tool is super simple. Just crack the egg and put the whole thing on the tool. The white portion will drop down and you will get the yolk separated without being messy. This tool is available for under $5 which is very easy to afford.


13. All-Purpose Shears

Image with Kitchen shear.

Kitchen shear is a must-have tool in your kitchen. There are lots of uses including cutting Snip herbs, butterfly chicken, and opening up plastic-sealed food. Though this is only an $8 product, the stainless steel of this tool resists rusting.

It also comes with a very comfortable handle and soft grip that provides great stability while cutting. This all-purpose tool is super-useful to cut literally anything. So, get yours right now.


14. Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Image with Kitchen Drawer Organizer.

You must have lots of space inside your drawer. But, when it’s time to store lots of small things like spoons, cutlery, forks, knives, etc., an unorganized place is not the ideal space to keep things. To solve this problem, the kitchen drawer organizer is here. It comes with multiple small separate portions. You can keep different things on each portion of the organizer.

You might think that it is a waste of money. But, believe me. It is absolutely a game-changer and you should surely get one for your kitchen drawer.


15. Good Grips Swivel Peeler

Image with Good Grips Swivel Peeler.

Here is another great peeler to deal with tough-skinned fruits and vegetables. You can use this swivel peeler to peel potatoes, carrots, apples, etc. This tool comes with a non-slip grip that helps to hold it comfortably. It also has a built-in potato eye remover to clean the potato nicely.

This product is amazingly designed and people are happy to get such useful things in their kitchen. This $0 kitchen tool is a life-saver, indeed.


16. Dough Pastry Scraper

Image with Pro Dough Pastry Scraper.

Pastry Scraper is a multi-purpose tool in the kitchen. It is mostly used in cutting pizza slices, splitting the dough into equal portions, chopping ingredients, etc. This scraper comes with an in-built measuring tape that helps to measure the length of pasta or any other thing.

This scraper is very comfortable to use and you can clean it very easily. This life-saving kitchen tool is only $7 which is really affordable to anyone.


17. Chef’s Squeeze Bottle

Image with Chefs Squeeze Bottle Set.

A squeeze bottle is another crucial kitchen stuff that helps to pour any kind of liquid like oil, sauce, syrup, etc. When you make the homemade salad, you must dress the salad with mayo, cheese sauce, ketchup, olive oil, etc. A squeeze bottle is a perfect tool for easy pouring.

If you purchase a bottle set, you will get several bottles of different sizes. So, you can use them for multipurpose. Pouring oil from the container is almost a nightmare. You never know when you will pour more oil than needed. So, get a couple of squeeze bottles and get great control over the food.


18. Steel Jigger

Image with OXO Steel Double Jigger.

A trusty double jigger is an incredible kitchenware for any whiskey lover. The quarter-ounce line on the jigger ensures the accurate measurement of all the ingredients. The jigger comes with a rubber holder in between which allows the user to hold the jigger comfortably and safely.

This double jigger cost only $10. Though it is cheap, it is an ideal kitchen tool for home and a professional bartender, as well. 


19. Pastry Brush

Image with Pastry Brush.

Do you know what “egg brush” means? Even if not, I am sure that you have done egg wash in your kitchen more than a hundred times. A pastry brush is a very simple but important thing. It comes with silicone bristles that ensure hygiene. This tool is very handy and easy to brush eggs or milk gently.

Though it is called a pastry brush, you can use it for other purposes as well apart from baking. This brush can be used to brush marination on meat and also brush milk on bread.


20. Measuring Cups

Image with Measuring Cups.

In cooking, it is very important to use the correct amount of ingredients. A measuring cup is an ideal tool for this purpose. These tiny cups look like a shot glass and all the measurements are noted in their body in ounces, milliliters, teaspoons, tablespoons, etc.

These measuring cups come with a one-ounce capacity. The price tag is unbelievably reasonable, less than $5. Cleaning this tool is also very easy. Just toss these cups in the dishwasher and get cleaned.


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